pewag LH5 levo hook without magnet

Areas of use

The pewag levo hook is an innovative lifting device with a rotatable lifting hook. 

The pewag levo hook is operated by radio control, ensuring the straightforward, safe and speedy handling of loads. Loads no longer need to be attached and removed manually.

By interlinking several hooks, work processes may be simplified and stream-lined even further. 

pewag levo hook -

developed for specialists!

This innovative hook really comes into its own in extreme working conditions: :

Loads that are difficult to reach: The levo hook offers optimal support for works performed at great heights, in construction pits or in extreme temperatures (-20° to +60°C).

Works performed in dangerous areas: The levo hook increases safety for workers, in particular during speedy work processes. Critical situations are avoided thanks to automated loading and unloading.

Works that require additional manpower: Thanks to the innovative levo hook, work processes are made easier as the crane operator is able to attach and unhook the load independently.

Basis configuration

The basis configuration includes all relevant components - ready to use:

  • pewag levo hook 5to
  • practicable remote Control with lanyard
  • battery 
  • equipped with temperature sensor
  • equipped with data logger (records all data of the levo hook)
  • charging station
  • peTAG (for clear product identification) and operating Manual

Optional equipment

Upgrade your levo hook with optional product features to increase efficiency:

Multiloading Adapter:  The pewag multi-adapter makes it possible to operate up to ten charging stations in one line with a single device plug.  

Lighting module:  The LED of the light module is activated using the levo remote control. With the light module, the working area is fully illuminated - making the application safer for both the user and the load.  

 pewag levo manager: The software is a comprehensive configuration and analysis tool for the pewag levo hook. Detailed information will be find unter:    "pewag levo manager"        

Weighing module: The weighing module enables the user to track the weight development of the individual lifting processes.

Your benefits at a glance

pewag levo manager

The special software assists your daily work flow. The comprehensive configuration and analysis tool offers you:

  • Live-data and monitoring of all levo hooks 
  • readout of the diagnostics log to provide support in case of  malfunction
  • Connection of several hooks and radio controls at the same time - for easy formation of hook groups 
  • Weighing and taring function,  temperature control monitoring with alarm feature
  • Reminder of annual service deadlines 

Technical data LH5

The levo hook is manufactured using premium components and complies with the following standards and product requirements: 

ISO 9001

EN 1677

EN 10204 3.1.B

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG

ISO 13849-1:2006

ISO 13849-2:2012

ISO 12100:2010

EN 55011/22

EN 61000-4-2

EN 61000-4-3

EN 61000-4-8

EN 61000-6-4

EN 61000-6-2

FCC, 47 CFR Part 15

EN 300220-2

IC RSS-247

Maintenance and repair

The levo hook must be inspected for damage and / or dirt before use. 

The product must be inspected, tested, checked and repaired as appropriate at least once a year (as stipulated by law) or if the product is damaged, by pewag austria GmbH or an authorised dealer. 

Please get in contact with our levo hook product expert! 

Information regarding service and sale

You need further information about selling points or service issues?

Our levo hook expert will support you!


Enclosed please find all relevant information about the levo hook: 

Application pictures and case studies  

Learn more about the innovative levo hook and  get a good impression how to use this hook: 


Application 1: Production site - Austria

You need detailed information? Get in contact with us!  

Trade fairs / next live presentations

You will have the possibility to test the innovative levo hook and to learn more about the enormous adavantages: 

16th  - 19th of november 2017 

9. Schweizer Nutzfahrzeugsalon

FZR, Pfeifer Isofer and pewag have celebrated a successful premiere

The joint presentation of FZR, Pfeifer Isofer and pewag during the "9th Schweizer 

Nutzfahrzeugsalon" in Bern has been a major success. pewag has presented for the 

first time the innovative levo hook. Interested users had the chance to learn more 

about the advantages of this new hook. 

22nd - 23rd of november 2017

Lagerhaus Messe / Messe Wels

hall 20 / booth number: 15020

29th - 30th of november 2017

LiftEx 2017

booth number: B17

8th - 11th of march 2018

Verk og vit 2018 Island

20th - 22nd of march 2018

Konepaja - Engineering Works Trade Fair

booth number: E531

27th - 29th of march 2018

SEPEM Industries

18th - 20th of april 2018

Mountain Planet

booth number: 1018

23rd - 27th of april 2018


hall 24 / booth number 44

23rd - 28th of april 2018


booth number: 5B N 020

29th  - 31st of may 2018  

Breakbulk Europe

booth number: 2837

It would give us a great pleasure to welcome you at the pewag booth! Please get in contact with us to arrange a personal meeting and a product presentation. 

FZR: Paul Schmidiger / pewag: Karl-Heinz Fuchsbichler

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